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BRUSHES PACK BY MIXSOUCERS. This pack contains 189 brushes/pngs, you can use them to make edits, graphics, headers, etc. Please Like or reblog if you download. And do not distribute or claim to your own. Enjoy!! {dl} {ex}

Shake It Off PSD pack by swiftsugg , includes: 

  • Base PSD
  • Blue to pink option (pink background for lighter scenes)
  • Blue background option
  • Green background option
  • Purple background option
  • Red background option (for darker backgrounds)

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PSD #427 by ddlresources - download

PSD file #709 Like or reblog if you download, please (It’s very important). Adjust the layers if you need. Downloadhere

L-AGALLERRIE! (1174) I hope you like and enjoy. Like or reblog if you download! Don’t repost it or claim as your own, download here