coloring the sky
welcome to ddlresources! This blog is dedicated to photoshop, like: psds for gifs/pics, themes, tutorials. Always like if you download.
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Anonymous: you're the only owner?

no, there’s another julia, and have grazy and teresa but they don’t post here so much ((júlia))

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Anonymous: how you do make pll's gifs?

do you mean how I make gifs? hm, i don’t know how explain this…. but, I made them in km player, and its very simple, here has a tutorial, but it’s in portuguese :/ ((júlia))

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PSD 419 by ddlresources - download

This is a very strong psd, so carefull! You can adjust as you wish, just like or reblog if you downloading and do not claim as your own :) Enjoy!

THEME 19.0 - Omniscience

preview | code


  • sb image
  • 6 customizable links
  • updates on hover
  • small scrollbar
  • small cursor
  • 500px posts


  • please like or reblog if you’re using!!
  • do not claim as your own
  • please please please don’t remove the credit
  • message me if you have any inquiries! 

flawless base code by meliapond

psholic: novo tumblr de photoshop poderia dar uma olhada por favor, obrigada <3

eu achei seu theme mt fofinho sério <3 sua sidebar ta um amor, e eu amei o seu primeiro psd!!! boa sorte com o tumblr amor <3 ((júlia))

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COLORING NUMBER #006 MADE BY VANILLAPHOTOSHOP. Hi, like or reblog if you download, maybe, you will need to pack a few layers. Don't reposte this effect ever! For more resources click here(dl).