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PSD 115 by growhicons, maybe you just are going to adjust some layers and there’s more psd here, and here is the download if you save like and reblog because likes inspire me 

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PSD #428 by ddlresources - download

PSD 113 by hollypsds, please, like or reblog if you save, this is important! You can adjust your way, but without removing the credits, you can find more psds here, or if you want you can ask here, I hope you enjoy and have fun!! download

PSD14 photoshopastel.👄 You may have to adjust some layers, but please don’t repost or copy me resources. Please like or reblog if you download it. -dl

blinkicons: Poderia dizer o que achou daqui ? obgda <3

eu amei ai, porém, tem alguns icons que não ficaram bons, acho que foi o psd q vcs usaram.. ((júlia|)



Please like or reblog if you save, don’t repost, enjoy!!