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welcome to ddlresources! This blog is dedicated to photoshop, like: psds for gifs/pics, themes, tutorials. Always like if you download.
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onde aperto pra desflopar meu tumblr?

preview / code

people have been asking for this theme for a while um sorry i’m sooo late in releasing it but anyway here it is, it’s got lazy load, up to 5 custom links and 4 picture links, hover over posts for tags and info, like or reblog if using don’t steal the codes etc

iPhone Music Player Tutorial.


So I’m going to teach how I made this edit.


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  • hi guys, this pack contains six colorful psds for edits, I recommend that you use only for edits preferably in animations and drawings, because I have not tested in normal photos, but if you want to use you need to make some adjustments. I hope you enjoy and use a lot, because I really loved these psds yaayy. Like or reblog if you download this pack!
Anonymous: cs6 só funciona em windons 8?

não amor, mas acho q deve ser difícil ter algum q funciona (?) não sei, meu windowns não é o 8. mas o cs6 funciona em qualquer windowns. ((júlia))

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Photoshop cs6.