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theme 18: decor by ponderism

- five customizable links
- this awesome draping links thing
- feel free to edit, but don’t repost, remove credit or use as a base
- feel free to contact me in case of problems
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 Pages [#2] — Portfolio [2]   by Fukuo

Live preview and codes

Hmm, I have some ideas to make a simple page like this so I decided to release it. This page is a portfolio page—you can use this as an anime recommendation page but this looks so simple, I’ll make an anime recommendation page if I have time! If you have any questions or suggestion, please don’t be hesitant to drop me a message!

NOTE: The image size is 230px by 345px and I recommend you to keep the name of box short or it will look weird.


  • Illustration are made by me
  • Style-my-tool-tips by malihu
  • Multi-colored topbar by Excolo

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PSD 73 by toxicpsds: (dl)

  • you have to adjust some layers;
  • don’t claim as your own;
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PSD 384 by ddlresources - download